Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring is Live!

The Spring collection is now live on the site!  The fantastic thing about living in Upstate NY in the winter is we get to watch the sun rise over the lakes.  The colors of Mother Nature have always been my inspiration here, but this time we pulled the colors directly from the landscape.

First we have a collection of shadows

These are made to really compliment what we already have on the site.  Karma works well with our Valentine's colors and the rest really mix, and match well with the Bare Necessities palettes.

There is always so much going on in the Summer- an event in the morning, a wedding in the afternoon, maybe dinner on the lake, or a carnival at night.  It's pretty easy to keep busy.   I like to keep a few seasonally appropriate colors in my bag that are all around "go anywhere do anything" kind of colors.  Ones that work well with a pair of cut-offs, or a little party dress.  So, I created these colors.  

To go along with that theme we have a bunch of new Hyper Glosses

To go along with all of these new lippies we have all new blushes!  They have a few different layers of pigment- a pretty color shifting that goes from pink to purple with a hint of orange, and then another bit of interference pigment.  They're super pretty as a blush, but they also work great as highlighters.  They're all eye, and lip safe so they're very versatile.

Thank you so much for all of your amazing support!   We know that it's not possible for us to do what we do without each of you, and we are truly grateful.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall is Live!!!!

Fall is live on the site!  We have a brand new lippie formula- Hyper Glosses.  They're thick, creamy, moisturizing, very glossy, and wear for a long time.  We've also made a change to the lippie lables, and the new stock seems to be much more durable, and they stay on better too!  All of the new lippies have them, and we'll be phasing them in as we make new batches of the other lippies.

BHA is also back!  We've reformulated it a little bit.  The old BHA used a willow bark extract, and it was great BUT you couldn't actually do anything with it as a formulator.  You couldn't add a preservative (it didn't need it, but still), you couldn't change the pH- nothing.  The manufacturer's spec stated a very broad pH for different batches.  They always stayed in the lower end of the spec, but you want the low pH if you're using it as an exfoliator, and there were no guarantees.

The new BHA is still alcohol-free, and extremely gentle.  They've dissolved the salicylic acid in a naturally derived surfactant base, and it works beautifully.  It is ok as a leave-on product even with the surfactant in it (it's used at a low usage rate).

 I started playing with the new stuff last year, and have been incredibly impressed with it.  I think it's a great replacement for the willow bark extract, and as the formulator I feel a lot more comfortable sending out a product where I can control all of the variables, and add a preservative.  I don't like changing formulas on you like that- this one seemed very necessary.

You may want to sample it before you go for the big bottle, but I think you'll like it.

We also have metallic Velvet Mattes!  Check out Mischievous- it's stunning!

And all new eye colors.  I did check out the Modern Romance palette, but opted not to clone it.  Instead I made colors that were pretty similar to the ones in Modern Romance, but I made them just slightly different so they can match the existing colors on the site.

Check out Holo Back!  I saw a post about the Milk Holographic highlighter, and it looked so beautiful.  I dropped everything, ran back into the lab, and whipped this up.  It's stunning, and such a fun product to have in your collection.

We also made a new blush- Dainty.  I hope you love it!  It matches Stripped really well.

Thank you for all of the great suggestions, support, and for just being wonderful folks.  We know that we wouldn't be here without you, and are just thrilled that you're on this journey with us.
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring is Live!!!!

Spring is finally here!!!!!  We have a wonderful assortment of new goodies for you!

First- we're trying a reformulation of the lip balms. The old ones were good, but I wanted a base that let the favors come through a little better.  The new formula uses non-GMO organic Canola oil instead of the Olive Oil, and I really like it.

The all new flavors are Peach, Pink Lemonade, and Watermelon!

Then we do have a Silk Naturals Plenty of Peach Palette!!!  It's a total of 18 shades- some you already know and love, and 13 all new ones!  It's a really nicely balanced palette with a little it of something for everyone in it.

We also have some all new lippies!!!!  We went glossy this time with 4 new Slick Sticks.  Be sure to check out Petticoat- it's the glossy version of Garter.  It's one of those great keep it in your purse, goes with anything kind of colors.  

We also have a special gift with purchase:
It's a mini makeup bag that's perfect for holding a few lippies in your purse.  It's yours with any purchase over $40 until April 29 or while supplies last.

Thank you all for your kind support!  I hope you find something you love in the new collection!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Collection is Live!!!!

The Valentine Collection is live on the site!
For starters we have a gorgeous trio of eye shadows that are made to compliment colors like Parallel, and Analog- lovely romantic colors that are feminine without screaming little girl.

Then we have a new twist on glows!  We're introducing Highlight Powders which compare to the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Glow Kits.  These are stunning- there's a little bit of interference pigment in them, and it gives them such a rich finish.  They're more pigmented than our regular glows, blend beautifully, and 100% Vegan.

We also have a great brush to go with them.  It's perfect for precise application, and smooth blending.

We also have 4 new lippies!

Lastly, I do have a bit of a sad announcement.  We are discontinuing the Cream Eye Shadows.  The preservative system we typically use has a shelf life of 6 months.  After that the pH begins to drop, and they can become uncomfortable to wear.  We really have to keep your safety in mind, so we're discontinuing them until such a time as we can find a natural preservative that works well in them.

They are all marked down to $1.49 while supplies last!

Use the code sweetheart5 to save 5% off your order!

Thank you again for all of your wonderful support.  I hope you enjoy the new goodies!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday is Live!!!!

The Holiday Collection is live on the site now, and it's a doozy!  Of all of the collections we do I think this one is about my favorite.  I love playing Mrs. Claus, and we knock ourselves out to come up with some stunning items.

I don't know about you, but in all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays I need to keep my makeup super simple, but spectacular.  So, we've come up with some very easy, versatile colors that are perfect for mixing and matching!

We also have brush sets that are wonderful stocking stuffers, and a ton of great things.

To thank you for your support we're kicking off our big Anniversary sale- we've been around for 9 years!!!  Can you believe it?  Use the code:  bday9 at the checkout for 9% off your order

I'd also like to give a big, giant shout-out to the SN Crew- Susan, Jamie, and Jen.  These women put their heart, and soul into their work, and make the company what it is.  I couldn't do it without these ladies, and I am eternally grateful to them for everything! They've been with  us since the beginning, and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather work with than the three of you.  It's truly a pleasure ladies.  Thank you! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring is Live

Who's ready for some fun, bright Springy colors??  They're live now on the SN site!

The inspiration for this collection came from a talk with a local makeup artist- apparently nudes are *the thing*, and so hot right now.  Yes, they are, and with good reason, but my goodness they've been done, and done and done.

It's time to get dressed up.  It's time for a bright, bold fashion themed collection!!!

I was really exploring the theme of light vs dark for this collection, and I think the results are a lot of fun.

For starters we have all new Brightening Concealers, and Contouring powders.  We have some colors that are comparable to the Anastasia palettes, and we've actually expanded the color range for paler skin.  The contour for pale girls is *perfect*, and I think you'll really like the new concealers that are made to match our current cream concealers.

I kept seeing ombre lips on Instagram....and I thought what about for eyes?  So we have a few new shadows to mix and match with colors that you probably already have in your collection.  They're all coordinated looks, and they're stunning.

And new blushes- these are bright, and they have just a little bit of coverage in them.  They're made to coordinate with the new lippies!

I think I've oudone myself on the lippies.  I blended, tweaked, mixed, and matched to create some stunners that are reminiscent of some of our old friends.  We have 13 new ones!

The Slick Sticks have a slight sweet strawberry scent.  It's of course, Vegan, all-natural, and gluten-free.  It's something we're trying for now.  The scent is probably limited edition.

We also have two new Illuminating Powders by your request.  Runway, a bronze tinted one, and Spotlight.

The combination of the highlighting, and contouring with the new finishing powders is stunning!  They are a phenominal combo, and I think you're going to love the way you look.

I completely owe y'all some brow products- I just didn't get to them this round.  

Thank you all for your amazing suggestions, and all of your support!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Valentine's is Live!!!

The Valentine Collection is live!    The Color of the Year is Marsala- so we have a collection of marsala tones that should suit just about everyone.

I started working on a matte lippie line before the holidays, and I LOVE the results.  They're creamy, moisturizing, and packed with color.  They're also very versatile.  You can wear them as a lippie, or blot them to make a great lip liner underneath your regular lipstick.  They also make a wonderful cream blush.  I've jammed these full of pigment, and I think that you'll love them.
We've also brought out the much loved Cahoots Slick Stick!

Then we have 4 great shadows.  A new cream shadow- Hot Chocolate.  It's a gorgeous one color wash creamy brown with hints of red.  We also have Rekindle- gorgeous, Spark- warm and beautiful, and Ember the crease color.

Susan and I married strapping Nordic manly men, and have made a beard oil to help tame their beards. It smells great, and makes a beard feel soo soft and wonderful.

There's also Twist a new citrus fragrance roller, and a Gumball!!!  I kept seeing lash extending fibers on my Facebook feed around the holidays (they kind of looked like black sweater fuzz).  So, I picked up a tube of them just to see what all the hype was about.  It was without a doubt the single most painful beauty experience of my life (that's really saying something too).  The fibers fell into my eyes, and it hurt so bad that I had to pull over, and scrape them off my lashes on the side of the road.

But they looked sooo great!  So, I came up with our own.  It's a fine silk powder with a few other things that makes your lashes look fuller and longer.  I don't know if this has much traction as a full time product but I thought it would be fun to share it with you

Lastly- we have to raise our prices on some items.  We're keeping everything the same until the end of January, but after that there will be some increases.  

Thank you all for your kind support, and I hope you love the new lippies!!!