Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Collection!!!

Valentine's is live!!!  The headliner is we cloned the Naked Basics Palette- really, it's only 3 new colors- with  Latent being my favorite.  It's so pretty, and versatile.  To go with those I made a few near neutrals to kind of pep things up a bit.  Check out Selenium- it's neat, and versatile.  Chrome is super fun too.

We also have 5 new liquid glosses, and in new packaging.  The new brush tubes are wonderful!  Yes, it's a little bit on the big side- you get almost 11 ml of gloss, with a great brush applicator.  The gloss just glides on.  You might not use up a whole tube, but a dollar or two worth of wasted gloss is worth the better packaging IMHO.  The brush is just sooo much nicer than the doe-foot.

While I was at it I changed the flavor just a little.  The vanilla is more pronounced, and sweeter- Jen's daughter thinks it smells like a cupcake.  And there's a new cooler pink ALG.  I owe you a red ALG too, but there was a catastrophe at the last minute that kept it off the site for now.

The much requested roller balls are back too, and there's 5 new flavors of caffeinated lip balms!

The cream shadows...you wanted them, and I really wanted to make them.  I did make them.  I worked and worked, and worked at it, and it was just a massive fail.  In the 70+ different things I tried there were maybe 3 colors I sorta liked.  Mattes were a bust- just terrible looking, the pearls accented every single line- it was just a mess.

What I came up with just wasn't something I felt was worth your time, and money.  I haven't scrapped it completely, but there needs to be somewhat of a different solution- I don't know what that is, or if I'll find it, but I know deep down that the formula I had just wasn't "it".

And we have a new coupon code!!  It's lovesn13 and that will get you 5% off your order through Valentine's  Day.  The Post Office has raised their rates again- I haven't looked at them closely, but there's a possibility that shipping prices may go up again.  So- stock up now!

I hope you have a fun, wonderful Valentine's Day, and as always THANK YOU for being so incredible!