Thursday, January 30, 2020

Valentine's 2020!!!

Way back in the early 2000's I took a little trip to NYC, and bought a $50 lipstick because I was curious to see what a $50 lipstick would have in it- how would it look, how would it feel, how would this little tube transform my life.

When I got the tube back to the hotel the ingredients list was...lacking.  It was a slightly gussied-up version of the usual lipstick ingredients- petroleum products, silicones, waxes, and pigments.  The packaging was nice, and the color was ok, but really- IMHO it wasn't $48 better than a drugstore lipstick.

I came back to the lab all fired-up to make something that was actually luxurious.  I got out my super duper precious oils.  Ones that bigger manufacturers can't even buy because they'd need more than is produced in a year- cranberry, passionfruit, shea butter, and camellia.  It became our Black Label luxury gloss. 

The packaging wasn't as fancy- it really couldn't be, but inside was the most prescious, most luxurious ingredients that could be found anywhere.  Oils that special can't be packaged in a regular lipstick bullet.  The shelf life would be ruined.  So it went into our regular black tubes because they do a great job at keeping extra air out of the packaging so the delicate ingredients stay fresher longer.

A dozen or so years later NO ONE has topped us!  I checked- lipstick prices have gone up, and the ingredients have changed to keep up with technology, but there still isn't any lipstick on the market that contains anything that's more luxurious than the Black Label, and Smooth and Full.  Along the way we started adding some dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline- it provides even deeper moisture, and a little bit of plumping.  It also helps prevent wrinkles, and called it Smooth and Full. 

To celebrate Valentine's we're releasing 4 new colors of the Smooth and Full which has become a real staple for sooo many people.  It was the most requested product of this release!

We also have some new shadows!  For Valentine's Day I want to look great, but I also don't want to spend a lot of time getting ready.  So, I created some shades that are really easy to wear, and incredibly flattering.  I love complex shadows.  I think they're more interesting, and more fun, and a little easier to apply because they don't tend to need a lot of complicated techniques to make a great look.

Two shades are demi-mattes- so the sparkle isn't over the top, but there's a nice flash of duochrome color.  They're a nice all-purpose finish.  We also have a new matte formula.  They're a little softer, and built to blend beautifully.  We also have a customer-requested light purple color that's super fun and flashy!

Last but not least we have a new cream blush- Lovely that's a gorgeous plummy pink shade.  If you like Rosie, and others in that family this is a great addition.  There's also a fun new lip balm- Cinnamon Hearts!

Thank you all so much for all of your great ideas for this collection!  It was super fun to create them all, and I hope that you love them as much as I do!  I'd also like to thank you all for all of your support.  SN has ALWAYS thrived because of you- all of your kind words, support, liking, and sharing our social posts- it's all important, and we are sooo grateful!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!