Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall 2012, and the Winners!

I was a little nervous running a Name that Tune without a Pink Floyd song in it, but the Grateful Dead provided the stumper this time.

The answers are:
Jump- Cyprus Hill- Jump Eye Shadow
Shake Your Tailfeather- Ray Charles- Tailfeather Eyeshadow
Cherry Bomb- The Runaways- Cherry Bomb cream blush
Girls of the World Ain't Nothin' but Trouble- Fresh Prince- Trouble eyeshadow
Saint Steven- Grateful Dead- Saint Eye Shadow
A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation- Marty Robbins- Carnation lipstick
Cracklin' Rosie- Neil Diamond- Rosie blush
Ode to Joy- The Muppets (Beaker to be specific)- Joy lippie
Gin and Juice- The Gourds- Juiced eye shadow
Cabaret- Liza Minelli- Cabaret lipstick
When Doves Cry- Ani DiFranco- Dove eye shadow
Superfly- Curtis Mayfield- Superfly eyeshadow

Y'all crack me up with some of your answers- these are as fun for me as they are for you, and I thank you for that.

Only one person got all of them.  We set a 2 song margin of error so if you got 10 or more right you won!  The winners have been notified by email.  Congrats!

On to the very much delayed Fall collection.  It was pretty much ready to go back in August, but time got away from be as it does nowadays.

The headliner to this feature is we cloned the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.  I wasn't going to, but UD, and MAC announced their plans to sell in China- and start animal testing in order to do so, so I cloned them.  UD is back to being a cruelty free company, but in the mean time we already had a lovely set of 100% vegan clones, so we're releasing them.

I LOVE the Naked 2 palette...it's not often that I fall in love with commercial makeup, but I fell hard for this one.  We did change them up a bit.  UD used a certain white pigment that just not entirely flattering to mature skin, so I changed the finish just slightly.  Our versions have richer pigmentation, less fallout, no oil, and are kinder to us "seasoned" gals.  It's also quite a bit more neutral than the more golden toned original Naked Palette.

We're trying a little something new and packaging the entire set in stacking 3-gram jars like this:

I also got inspired by vivid mattes.  I saw pin after pin on Pinterest featuring bright matte colors, and decided to make some new shades.  They're all vegan and none of them contains any dyes- so no stained lids!

We also have 4 new lightly pigmented, slightly glowy new blushes, and 5 new lippies!

Thank you so much for everything- being so patient, funny, kind, sweet, and just all around phenomenal women.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Name That Tune!

It's the one that keeps you up at night, haunts your thoughts, and keeps you humming along for a week straight.

Name that Tune SN style!  I've ransacked my iPod hunting down songs that correspond with Silk Naturals product names.  There are 12 songs that correspond to 12 different SN products.

To enter send your name, and the answers to sncontests@gmail.com  Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time Monday September 17th, and I'll post the answers and winners here on Tuesday morning.

The prize is a $5 gift certificate to Silk Naturals, and the pride that comes from knowing some pretty obscure songs.  There's usually a one or two song margin of error- so guess if even if you don't quite know all of them.

Good Luck!!!

I'm sure you're also wondering about the fall release...it's coming soonish- hopefully next week!  Vacation was wonderful and I just need a few days to get my bearings back.