Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday 2012!!

Are you there?  Still Reading??  Good!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, children of all ages step right up to view the Silk Naturals 2012 Holiday Collection!

We've been working around the clock to create spectacles and wonderments never before seen.  A veritible cacophony of concotions sure to delight the senses of every man woman and child.  There's Prismatic color shifting shadows, lip balms for the whole family, skin care, unguents, salves, lotions, and potions galore!

Seriously- big collection this time.  The headliner- at least in my mind are the shadows.  A while back Kelly from Whimsy Beading emailed because her jar of Sinner came to a catastrophic end- one thing led to another and Blammo!  Turns out Kelly is one of the coolest people I've met in a very long time, and she had all of these great ideas for colors inspired by the amazing crystals she works with.  She's a true artist through and through, and I feel very blessed to work with her.

Check out her Etsy store and prepare to be amazed!

The shadows are really unique- check out Spectre- it's one of the coolest things I've ever made.

There's also lip balms aplenty- special matte ones for guys, and the most squee worthy nostaltic tins.  I remember fighting with my sister over our Village Lip Lickers, and made 7 cute balms in tins perfect for stocking stuffers.  Within those tins is our much requested, and beloved Original Lip Lube formula!

There's tons more...I'll let you browse though the new product section, and have fun with it.

On a sadder note- we had a ton of pigments become discontinued this year.  It has really cleaned out the Buttercreams and the Kissable Creams, and unfortunately we have to discontinue them.  The lippie line has gotten really large as far as number of formulas, and I think focusing it down to a smaller offering will give us the opportunity to increase the number of color selections, and overall quality of the line.  They are in the "Last Chance" section of the site with a 30% discount while supplies last.

On top of that we're celebrating our 6th anniversary- so there's a coupon code gobble12 to get you 6% off your order.  Shipping is free for every US order over $125, and if you're giving SN as a gift- no problem.  We'll ship it direct to the receiver with a gift receipt, and in a cute gift bag with a card.

Six years!  Can you believe it?  It feels like it's flown by....we couldn't have gotten here without you, and are incredibly grateful for all of your support over the years.  You are a fine group of people, and a true blessing to know.

 The SN family- staff, customers, friends and family- really pulled out the stops to make this a great collection.  Kelly with her spectacular ides, Jen retains her title as Swatch Goddess Supreme, Susan and Heidi pulled this together with lightening speed, and I cannot thank them enough.   I must have been VERY good in a past life to be blessed enough to know all of you.

Thank you everyone!  From the bottom of my heart and a million times over.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy...

So apparently we're right on the path of Hurricane Sandy....we're not forecasted to get a lot of rain, but we may have power outages that will effect our ability to ship orders.

I'll keep this, and our Facebook updated if I still have cell service.  If the electric does go out I will attempt to close the site to orders.

For now, this is all a precaution- fingers crossed that all of these scented candles get put to better use.  Good luck to everyone on the coast.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall 2012, and the Winners!

I was a little nervous running a Name that Tune without a Pink Floyd song in it, but the Grateful Dead provided the stumper this time.

The answers are:
Jump- Cyprus Hill- Jump Eye Shadow
Shake Your Tailfeather- Ray Charles- Tailfeather Eyeshadow
Cherry Bomb- The Runaways- Cherry Bomb cream blush
Girls of the World Ain't Nothin' but Trouble- Fresh Prince- Trouble eyeshadow
Saint Steven- Grateful Dead- Saint Eye Shadow
A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation- Marty Robbins- Carnation lipstick
Cracklin' Rosie- Neil Diamond- Rosie blush
Ode to Joy- The Muppets (Beaker to be specific)- Joy lippie
Gin and Juice- The Gourds- Juiced eye shadow
Cabaret- Liza Minelli- Cabaret lipstick
When Doves Cry- Ani DiFranco- Dove eye shadow
Superfly- Curtis Mayfield- Superfly eyeshadow

Y'all crack me up with some of your answers- these are as fun for me as they are for you, and I thank you for that.

Only one person got all of them.  We set a 2 song margin of error so if you got 10 or more right you won!  The winners have been notified by email.  Congrats!

On to the very much delayed Fall collection.  It was pretty much ready to go back in August, but time got away from be as it does nowadays.

The headliner to this feature is we cloned the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.  I wasn't going to, but UD, and MAC announced their plans to sell in China- and start animal testing in order to do so, so I cloned them.  UD is back to being a cruelty free company, but in the mean time we already had a lovely set of 100% vegan clones, so we're releasing them.

I LOVE the Naked 2 palette...it's not often that I fall in love with commercial makeup, but I fell hard for this one.  We did change them up a bit.  UD used a certain white pigment that just not entirely flattering to mature skin, so I changed the finish just slightly.  Our versions have richer pigmentation, less fallout, no oil, and are kinder to us "seasoned" gals.  It's also quite a bit more neutral than the more golden toned original Naked Palette.

We're trying a little something new and packaging the entire set in stacking 3-gram jars like this:

I also got inspired by vivid mattes.  I saw pin after pin on Pinterest featuring bright matte colors, and decided to make some new shades.  They're all vegan and none of them contains any dyes- so no stained lids!

We also have 4 new lightly pigmented, slightly glowy new blushes, and 5 new lippies!

Thank you so much for everything- being so patient, funny, kind, sweet, and just all around phenomenal women.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Name That Tune!

It's the one that keeps you up at night, haunts your thoughts, and keeps you humming along for a week straight.

Name that Tune SN style!  I've ransacked my iPod hunting down songs that correspond with Silk Naturals product names.  There are 12 songs that correspond to 12 different SN products.

To enter send your name, and the answers to sncontests@gmail.com  Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time Monday September 17th, and I'll post the answers and winners here on Tuesday morning.

The prize is a $5 gift certificate to Silk Naturals, and the pride that comes from knowing some pretty obscure songs.  There's usually a one or two song margin of error- so guess if even if you don't quite know all of them.

Good Luck!!!

I'm sure you're also wondering about the fall release...it's coming soonish- hopefully next week!  Vacation was wonderful and I just need a few days to get my bearings back.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Sneak Preview...

I'm back!  We kept it a little quiet, but I had a baby in May...Ali is now 3 months old, and  super cute.  Being a Mom is more fun than I'd imagined.  The Summer has been hectic, but I did manage to make a Fall collection- and I think you'll really like it.
My son Alden

I wanted to get Fall on the site ASAP, but we're actually going to France next week so Ali can meet his Grandmother- while he still has that "new baby smell".   I'll be back on September 10th, and hopefully release Fall sometime that week.

Rather than wait and wait and wait for the Fall collection I thought we'd do a sneak preview this week.  We have a couple of clones in a handy dandy stackable 3-gram jar.  We're calling it the Eye Spy duo, and it's a clone of MAC Crystal, and MAC Mulch.

You get both colors for just $4.99!
They're available in a somewhat limited quantity here on our site.

I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of Summer, and as always- THANK YOU!! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring 2012!!!!!

It seems like Spring came early this year!!  It’s been downright HOT- which is fine by me.  It made me think of butterfly gardens.  Light pastels, ethereal sheers, mixed in with some shimmers- and a lot of inspiration from you of course.

We have some lovely pastille shadows inspired by nursery colors.  It’s a new finish this time that we’re calling MatteLights.   Fans of the Suedes and Eyelights will love these.  MatteLights  have a matte base with just enough shimmer to catch the light.  They’re lovely over Stick ‘Em and are meant to be quick one color washes.

Then we have some ultra glimmers that use some special, as far as I know exclusive to SN pigments.   Bright, loud, fun sparkly colors that are great for expressing yourself.

And the lippies…yes, I’m definitely pregnant, and there’s seemingly no limit to the amount of chocolate I’d like to eat.  Whomever said “necessity is the mother of invention” got it all wrong.  Motherhood is the necessity of invention.

So I whipped up a new lippie formula that I love quite a bit.  We had it as a GWP under the code name “Formula 86” that’s rich, creamy, vegan and loaded with cocoa butter.  I switched the official name to Kissable Creams and hope that you love them.

There’s a little something for everyone and I hope that you love them all.  Spring, as with pretty much every other collection- is regrettably smaller than you’d like, but I’m hoping this gives you enough goodies to play with for a while.

We also have a special GWP this week.  Instead of just one color we’re doing 3!!!!  They’re 3 gram jars of multi-purpose colors that are great for stashing in your bag.  It's free with any order over $25.  We'll be shipping these through next Friday April 6.  

As always- thank you- for everything.  I’m blessed, blessed, blessed, and really appreciate each and every one of you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wow!  Where did January go?  Usually it just drags on and on but this time it flew by in a flash. 
We have the Valentine’s collection together.  It’s smaller this year…it’s sort of become my New Year’s resolution.   Smaller, more focused collections with thoughtful pairings.

The theme for this collection is metallics- we have a few on the site, but I wanted to make some truly special really metallic almost foil like shadows.  I brought in some special pigments from a special manufacturer, and am really pleased with the results.  The finishes are all a bit different on each of them- some of them really shine, others have more of a “brushed” metal look.  And I added a bit of extra silica to them all so it helps hide all of those little lines.

This time of year we need COLOR- so there are some bolder lippies, a few sparkles, new stains, and new cream blushes!

To top it off we have a new scented body oil- Baby Kisses.  It’s a clean, slightly sweet scent that I think you’ll really enjoy.

We also have some “subtractions” from the line.  We had quite a few pigment discontinuations lately, and there are some lippies that we’re not really able to make anymore- and some are more “trendy” seasonal colors that need to go for a while.   It will free-up some space on the shelves to make some fun, new colors that you’ll hopefully love even more.

They’re all discounted $1 per tube and will be available until we run out of them, or the end of the month- whichever is soonest.  I’ll be putting them in the “last call” section of the site. 

Speaking of Baby Kisses…  I’m pregnant!!!  Our first child is due in May- and we’re thrilled!

So far everything has gone well, but it’s definitely an adjustment.  Living without (much) caffeine, and little things like needing to eat ALL THE TIME, sleep more than usual, and swollen feet are slowing me down.  I *know* it gets worse- please don’t remind me!!!

Don’t worry about SN.  We’re not going anywhere.  We have an amazing staff, and this is something that I’ve been planning for quite a while. Yes, there probably will be a few changes, but I have no plans to change anything major at the moment.  I love what I do, and feel really blessed to be able to do it. 

Thank you all again for everything!