Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring 2014 is live!!

Spring is finally here!!  I don't know about you but after this winter I'm excited to sit out in the yard with a nice cocktail.  So we have a cocktail inspired collection for you!!

The headliner is the Cool toned HD Cream Foundations.  If you needed a little more pink in the mix we have it for you.

Next is new HD Cream Concealers.  We had to reformulate the original cream concealers.  Back around Christmas we found out our original oxide supplier went out of business, so we've had to reformulate pretty much anything that used iron oxides.  So, while I was at it I added some more pigment, and the ceramic microspheres to make them HD Concealers.  The colors are the same, but you'll find this new formula a little "drier" so it's less prone to caking.

And the colors!!!  They're really exciting.

Radient Orchid is the color of the year- so we have a great eye duo- Sidecar and Stinger that also goes wonderfully with Breathe.  Stinger is a clone of MAC Stars 'n Rockets.
We also have Brandy that goes wonderfully with a perenial Spring favorite- Cloudberry
And what cocktail collection is complete without Margarita? A slightly aqua limey green to match Grassroots Green.

For lips we have 5 new Slick Sticks
Bramble- a creamy lavender to go along with the Radiant Orchid look
Mai-Tai- a wonderful light sheer, matte nude
Sea Breeze- a sheer creamy coral made to match Top Shelf HD Cream Blush

And then two glittery shades.  We've used a special large particle size glitter for extra sparkle.  They are reminiscent of the MAC Dazzle Glass lippies.
Gumdrop- a sheer pink with purple glimmers.  It completes the whole Radiant Orchid look
Firecracker- a warm red with red, and a little purple glimmer

And 2 lipsticks to go with the set!

We also have 3 new HD Cream Blushes...these are a bit of a change from our older ones.  We've added a bit of white to them to make them brightening!  It just makes everything look a bit fresher and more lively.

There's also Take it Off makeup remover, and something very exciting- VitaBoost.  It's a little pre-measured packet of Vitamin C, and Trans-Resveratrol that you can add to any finishing powder, or loose foundation.

We have to clear out some of the more wintery items that may melt in the summer.  So check out the Last Chance section to stock up.  There are also some lippies, and a couple of blushes in there too.

Have fun shopping, and THANK YOU for being wonderful amazing people.