Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yippee Winners!!!! And a few fun announcements...

It's been a fun week at SN- we're chugging along with all sorts of projects.  This week we started something new!  We're putting together some of our favorite looks, and offering them as a bundle on the site with a bit of a discount.  I'm super excited about this project- Susan, Val, Jen, and Thea will be helping out, so hopefully you'll get a nice variety of looks.  They'll run from Friday to Friday, and then we'll change it out with a new look. 

I'll admit that I didn't put a lot of prior planning in on this project- I just woke up on Thursday, and went with it.  That's kind of the fun part!  For the moment, we're focusing on eye shadows, but as it evolves it could grow to include just about anything.  With over 700 products we have quite a bit to choose from.

Questions, comments, ideas for looks you'd like to see, etc. are very welcome!

The Snow Day contest was over last night, and we had quite a few winners!  The official snow total, as measured on my sidewalk was 9.5 inches.  There were a lot of places around us that got pummeled pretty hard- with totals up to 2 feet in places, but at my house it was 9.5 inches.

I added a margin of error of 2 inches, and we had a total of 9 winners.  They are:
Kinjal S
Colleen W
Betty V
Monica W
Al P
Nina X
Kristi G

Congratulations!  I emailed you all the coupon code this morning :)

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  1. Thank you! I never win a thing, so what a nice way to start off a Saturday morning!