Thursday, September 22, 2011

Multi-Tasking Safe for Work Look

Funny story....I was doing my makeup one morning, and frogged it all up.  I was doing an experiment with colors, and it just didn't turn out well AT ALL.  Too deep, too shimmery, and just not really what I was going for.

Well, if you want to make an omelette you gotta break a few eggs (or marry a guy who makes great omlettes).  Normally I'd just clean it off and do something else, but we had to leave NOW.

In desperation I grabbed my foundation, and started patting it on top of the hot mess I'd created.   The foundation muted the color, took away some of the sparkle, and made it PRETTY.

So I experimented that night- with the deliciously unholy combination of Rollick and Superfly.  With a little foundation it was lovely.

Moving on to a little more "normal" combo- I went with Scout & Bling.  It's a great combo, but a little over the top for daytime.  Bling in particular looks like gold foil applied to your lids, and it's super fun for a night out.  I love it with a lot of black liner as sort of a Middle-Eastern/ Bollywood inspired look.

Safe for work depends on where you work- so I generally think of safe for church, and err on the side of being conservative.  I think this would work in just about any office.

So far, this technique has worked with every combo I've tried it with.  I like the muted, more neutral look for day, and it's really expanded options for color selections.  It doesn't really work all that well with super glittery shades, but it's a fun technique to play with.

To test the theory, you could try it at night when you're about to take off your makeup.  That's usually my play time to practice new looks- right after I've washed my face for the day.

Have fun!!!!!

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