Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring 2011 Finally!!!!!!!

Up above our shop is a dance studio.  Years ago countless little girls lined up to take ballet, and tap from Lucille the dance teacher.  One of them was our very own Susan!  She kept dancing- through high school, and college and then stopped to raise a family, and be my right hand woman around the shop.

When we moved into our current office a little over a year ago, Susan and her friends started a dance troupe in the 3rd floor space.  They've gone on to become the Whiskey Tango Sideshow.  They're a cabaret nouveau troup that sings, dances, and essentially knocks the audience's socks off every time they step on stage.

For their first solo show a few weeks ago I designed a small collection- they're a fun, smart, and immensely talented group of women.  Funny, and down to earth- it was an honor to work with them.  My instinct tells me in a few years I'll say "I knew them when..." 

The collection of 3 eyeshadows, and 3 lipsticks were made for the girls for their show- and it was so much fun I just kept going with it.  I did go to circus camp for 5 it runs in my blood too.

The Whiskey Tango girls are REAL women- 3 farm girls, an ER nurse, a massage therapist, and a hairdresser by day.  Most of them are mommies too...but every Wednesday night they turn into Sideshow gals to practice their act.  They're living the dream.

In the spirit of that- this collection is centered around the things I always wanted to get around to doing.  Some of these projects date back years- a collection of non-sting plumpers (in development for about a year), lip stains (what was that 3 Christmas' ago already???), a self tanner, an eye shadow primer- and the showstopper of the collection- THE CREAM LINER PALETTE!

I'm sort of really in love with the Amplifying Lip Glazes- they're almost as glossy as a liquid gloss, and they have the gradual non-stinging lip plumper that makes your lips soft, full and super healthy.  There's also a nice refreshing hint of a minty tingle too.  They're sort of what I was working on last Spring, and it finally all came together.  The colors in this release are sheer with a touch of glimmer in them. They're made for layering over the new lip stains, but look great by themselves too.

Without further ado- Silk Naturals is proud to present the Whiskey Tango Sideshow Spring 2011 Collection!!!

Enjoy- and thank you all for your patience, wisdom, awesome suggestions, and support- you've literally been waiting years for some of these products, and I hope you love them.