Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comings and Goings...

We have to say goodbye to some old friends.  The SN shop- as giant and wonderful as it is is getting rather full, and some of my favorite pigments were discontinued by the manufacturer so we have discontinue some shadows.

 I'm sad to see them go, but I can't really make them without the pigments.  If you get a chance check out Hug Me- it's a really neat pink that Thea made, and it's a lot of fun over Stick 'Em.  There are also quite a few pinks that make nice blushes.  Jellybean is my daily blush.

There are 49 of them- I went big- like ripping off a bandaid, and they're on the site now for $3.00 each while quantities last.  There are as few as 5 jars of some of them so grab them fast if they're one of your beloved colors.  They'll all be gone from the site forever after May 20th.

It was kind of neat taking a walk down memory lane.  There are some really fun colors in this group, and this is a great chance to grab some neat ones!

Have fun!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring has sprung!

WhoooHoooo!!!!  It’s finally finally Spring!  And, no Spring is complete without some sparkling new colors. The inspiration for this collection is New York City!  It's fast paced, diverse, friendly, and there's something for everyone!
First up we have the much anticipated 6 months in the making Chromatic Cream Eye Colors.   We had soo many requests, and I couldn’t help myself so there are a whopping 20 colors!  There’s a little something for everyone, and be sure to really read the description and check out the swatches.   If you’re looking for neutrals check out Soho, and Gramercy.  They’re a little bit more matte than the others and perfect for daytime.

Then we have 2 new cream blushes.  Chelsea- a pinkish plum with a little bit of sparkle, and a little warmth added in, and Hamptons Hottie a cream bronzer (it was about time…)

Lippies!  We’ve gone back and forth on the liquid lippie packaging a few times- and there doesn’t seem to be a general concensus.   My feeling with the doe-foot wands is that you’re just not getting the full oomph in terms of gloss and color.  There are many many things to like about that packaging, but I just felt that you deserved a better experience.
So, I whizzed up a new (old) formula- the ALG’s but without the menthol or plumper.  We’re calling them Slick Sticks, and hopefully if you like them they’ll replace the doe-foot wands.  You get the full effect of the gloss, and color, and the little bit cheaper price so you can collect them.  They’re just a natural vanilla flavor and they are unsweetened.
There are 5 new Slick Sticks and I’ve intro priced them at $3.99 until May 1 or until they run out.  Then we’ll re-evaluate.  It seems like a good win/win in my head, but I never quite know.  I probably owe you some more lippies, but with the formula and packaging switch ups I thought we’d see where things settle out and go from there.
There’s also one new Liquid Gloss- Broadway- a shimmering pixie sparkle. 

In a bit of unfun news- we have to raise prices.  I *think* the last time we bumped them was in 2008 or 2009??  It’s been a while, and we’ve had increases in materials and packaging, rent, and we’re using more expensive ingredients so we need to do a slight adjustment.  Starting May 1 the price of the shadows will go up to $4.50 a jar.  I also need to increase the price of the lippies, but I’ll hold off on that for now.

In the category labeled Fun Stuff you'll find...wait for it...Fun stuff!!
Someone asked for a knockoff Beauty Blender sponge and I found one that's fantastic.  It's only $4.99 and it's really something everyone should have.

And the MYSTERY ADVENTURE CLUB is back!!!  Just in time for Summer.  You’ll get 3 monthly shipments with all of the GWP’s plus some other fun stuff.  It’s fun for everyone…
I have to give a HUGE shoutout to the SN crew- Susan, Jen, and Heidi.  They really pulled out all the stops to make this an incredible collection.
And of course, THANK YOU!  You’re all rockstars, and I hope this collection lets you really strut your stuff.