Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday 2012!!

Are you there?  Still Reading??  Good!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, children of all ages step right up to view the Silk Naturals 2012 Holiday Collection!

We've been working around the clock to create spectacles and wonderments never before seen.  A veritible cacophony of concotions sure to delight the senses of every man woman and child.  There's Prismatic color shifting shadows, lip balms for the whole family, skin care, unguents, salves, lotions, and potions galore!

Seriously- big collection this time.  The headliner- at least in my mind are the shadows.  A while back Kelly from Whimsy Beading emailed because her jar of Sinner came to a catastrophic end- one thing led to another and Blammo!  Turns out Kelly is one of the coolest people I've met in a very long time, and she had all of these great ideas for colors inspired by the amazing crystals she works with.  She's a true artist through and through, and I feel very blessed to work with her.

Check out her Etsy store and prepare to be amazed!

The shadows are really unique- check out Spectre- it's one of the coolest things I've ever made.

There's also lip balms aplenty- special matte ones for guys, and the most squee worthy nostaltic tins.  I remember fighting with my sister over our Village Lip Lickers, and made 7 cute balms in tins perfect for stocking stuffers.  Within those tins is our much requested, and beloved Original Lip Lube formula!

There's tons more...I'll let you browse though the new product section, and have fun with it.

On a sadder note- we had a ton of pigments become discontinued this year.  It has really cleaned out the Buttercreams and the Kissable Creams, and unfortunately we have to discontinue them.  The lippie line has gotten really large as far as number of formulas, and I think focusing it down to a smaller offering will give us the opportunity to increase the number of color selections, and overall quality of the line.  They are in the "Last Chance" section of the site with a 30% discount while supplies last.

On top of that we're celebrating our 6th anniversary- so there's a coupon code gobble12 to get you 6% off your order.  Shipping is free for every US order over $125, and if you're giving SN as a gift- no problem.  We'll ship it direct to the receiver with a gift receipt, and in a cute gift bag with a card.

Six years!  Can you believe it?  It feels like it's flown by....we couldn't have gotten here without you, and are incredibly grateful for all of your support over the years.  You are a fine group of people, and a true blessing to know.

 The SN family- staff, customers, friends and family- really pulled out the stops to make this a great collection.  Kelly with her spectacular ides, Jen retains her title as Swatch Goddess Supreme, Susan and Heidi pulled this together with lightening speed, and I cannot thank them enough.   I must have been VERY good in a past life to be blessed enough to know all of you.

Thank you everyone!  From the bottom of my heart and a million times over.