Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5th Anniversary Random Refunds!

It's Silk Natural's Fifth anniversary!!!  We have a ton to be thankful for, and to celebrate this year we're doing Random Refunds!

From Friday November 19th until December 4 we'll be choosing random order numbers and sending you a FULL refund for your purchase.  The odds of winning are 1 in 20, and if you've purchased anything since last Friday you've already entered.

I just sent the first round of refunds, and look forward to sending quite a few more.

Thank you so much for a wonderful 5 years, and hopefully we'll have many many more.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday 2011 is LIVE!

After the Fall collection, and Colors for a Cure  I sat down and thought about what YOU need for the Holiday Season.    Another dozen new lippies?  Another dozen new shadows?  Right now we officially have over 700 products, and many of you own a large percentage of them.

It didn't seem really necessary.  What we ALL need is some ME time.  Family is a blessing, work is a blessing, life is a blessing.  But gosh, sometimes it's nice to curl up under a blankie with a cup of tea and watch some guilty pleasure TV, or read a good book, or take a nice hot bath.

I can't give you an afternoon with nothing to do (can you imagine...), but I can give you some little stolen moments, some things to pamper yourself, a few extra minutes in the morning, or one less thing to think about.

This collection is a total Pot Luck.  Each member of the SN staff had a specific request, and actually designed a specific product.  Each time a staff member comes up with a fantastic idea- I tell them to go in the back room and make it.

This time they did!  Susan made the lippie palettes,  bath salts, and gave me the basic concept behind the eye wands.  Heidi made the Body Oils.  Thea made two stunning new shadows.  Jen had a ton of input on the Eye Cream and Blemish Buster- plus she's Jen.  She did all of the swatches, and all of the hundred  "Jen things" that keep me from going fetal about this time of year.

And You came up with some great suggestions too!

There's a ton ton ton of new stuff- you're going to be clicking away for a while.

A few of the notable things:
Eye wands!  Travel friendly, and super easy to use- with pre-designed looks to make your life easier.  To use them just pull the wand out of the vial, give it a little tap and apply.  It's not a product that everyone is going to love, and it might take you a little bit to warm up to it.  BUT that first busy morning when you needed to leave the house 5 minutes ago- you'll fall in love.

They're designed to be super easy duos, and we have a new eye diagram for them.  It's a Half and Half eye, and it's really flattering.  We've been playing with it since Fall, and it just works on everyone- no matter your eye shape.

Lippie Palette-  5 colors in one neat little package!

A Bath & Body Extravaganza!

Eye Cream (about time)!

Creamy concealers- yes- it's the cream blush formula made into concealers!  The color is a little bit different than the older creamy concealers.  They are lighter weight, and super easy to apply and blend.  I hope you love them!

Brow Colors in the cream liner formula!

Lippies in big squeeze tubes- glimmery shades that are perfect for layering!

Tons of stuff that I think you'll really enjoy!

American Thanksgiving is on Thursday.  I'm thankful for you- among my many blessings.  We appreciate each and every one of you, and thank you so much for your support.

We'll be closed Thursday and Friday, and will resume shipping on Monday November 28th.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and safe travels!