Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall 2013 is here!!

Did you have a good Summer?  I did, and now it's Fall.  Time to buckle down, bundle up, and dive into some simmering new shades.

The inspiration from the collection came from my Summer vacation...we went to France again, and this time we ventured into some very old cities.  Nimes was the "retirement home" for Roman soldiers who had served in Egypt, and it's just filled with ancient artifacts.  There's a statue of Augustus from 12 BC in the middle of town, several old bronzed statues, and it's all just awe inspiring.

We walked on an aqueduct that was over 1,000 years old.  It's amazing to get up close and see the results of someone's very hard work generations later.

It got me to thinking about classics.  How they're always useful, how they improve with time, and how they never go out of style.  There's a certain beauty to decay- becoming old, weathered, and picking up interesting stories along the way.

The other thing I did was I drove a NASCAR.  Yep- an actual race car around an actual race track.  That. Was. Cool.

NASCAR's are really simple.  The floor was plywood, the gear shifter was just a chunk of metal.  The doors don't even have hinges- you climb in through the window.  They're also made to do just one thing- go fast counterclockwise.  They're geared so that you never have to engage the clutch when you get up to speed, AND they really only turn left.  You'd have to be a body builder to get one of those things to turn right, but they handle around the curves beautifully.

And with all that simplicity combined with great design comes LIBERATION.  Just mash the gas and go!  It's a blast.

So that was the inspiration- old, weathered, basic, but well designed colors.  They're as easy to put on as jeans and a t-shirt so you can keep your look simple but still look stunning.  There are some shimmers here, but I've knocked them back a touch and included a dose of silica to help smooth the lines.  Old things should be smooth- like a pebble in a stream, and these are.

We've also done something a little different this time.  We've paired them up with crease colors, and you can get the duo with just one click.  Let me know how that works for you.

The shadows:

Siobhan is the one that's not quite like the others.  It was a special request from a very special blogger Phyrra!  We're honored to have been asked, so we jumped right on it.  It's lovely.

I can't stop thinking about lipsticks.  They're back in vogue right now, and they are endlessly fascinating.  We've added some new colors in our new creamy longer lasting Vegan Lipstick Formula.  And after 6 years we finally have a black lipstick!

The Slick Sticks echo some of our most popular blush colors, along with a few of the Loud and Clear colors that you love.  We've added even more vanilla and a bit of stevia to these.

There's also a new fragrance roller Potion- a yummy blend of black currant and pomegranate, a sugar lip scrub called Pucker Polish, and a new Hair Elixir.  I've been using it for a few months now, and you won't believe how shiny your hair can be!

In one last bit of news...we have to raise prices on the lippies.  I can't even remember the last time we did that, and we've had some major price increases in some of the oils that we use.  We'll be raising the prices October 15th so stock up now.

I hope you enjoy the new collection, and as always THANK YOU for being the amazing gals you are!