Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Collection is Live!!!!

The Valentine Collection is live on the site!
For starters we have a gorgeous trio of eye shadows that are made to compliment colors like Parallel, and Analog- lovely romantic colors that are feminine without screaming little girl.

Then we have a new twist on glows!  We're introducing Highlight Powders which compare to the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Glow Kits.  These are stunning- there's a little bit of interference pigment in them, and it gives them such a rich finish.  They're more pigmented than our regular glows, blend beautifully, and 100% Vegan.

We also have a great brush to go with them.  It's perfect for precise application, and smooth blending.

We also have 4 new lippies!

Lastly, I do have a bit of a sad announcement.  We are discontinuing the Cream Eye Shadows.  The preservative system we typically use has a shelf life of 6 months.  After that the pH begins to drop, and they can become uncomfortable to wear.  We really have to keep your safety in mind, so we're discontinuing them until such a time as we can find a natural preservative that works well in them.

They are all marked down to $1.49 while supplies last!

Use the code sweetheart5 to save 5% off your order!

Thank you again for all of your wonderful support.  I hope you enjoy the new goodies!