Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Valentines 2018!!

We have a spectacular feast of delights for the senses in our Valentine release! 

We've brought back some old favorites- body oil, and our yummy chocolate scented Cuticle Balm. 

There are two new products to use with eye shadow.  First Base is an eye shadow base made for drier skin.  It's all-natural, and helps to adhere colors beautifully.  Line Drive is our liner sealer!  It adheres just about any color you want to use as an eye liner! 

The new shadows are spectacular- literally.  They're color shifting duochromes that are simply stunning.  It's impossible to capture their beauty in a single photograph, or even a video so you need to be a little adventurous when you try these.

We're sweetening the deal with a special!  Order 2 of the new colors, and you'll receive a free bottle of First Base!

We also have one new lippie- Sheen Queen.  It's a gorgeous sheer with gold, silver, copper, and teal shimmers.  

Use the code vday18 to save 5% off your order until February 20th!

Thank you all so much for your support.  We hope you love playing with the new collection!!