Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring 2012!!!!!

It seems like Spring came early this year!!  It’s been downright HOT- which is fine by me.  It made me think of butterfly gardens.  Light pastels, ethereal sheers, mixed in with some shimmers- and a lot of inspiration from you of course.

We have some lovely pastille shadows inspired by nursery colors.  It’s a new finish this time that we’re calling MatteLights.   Fans of the Suedes and Eyelights will love these.  MatteLights  have a matte base with just enough shimmer to catch the light.  They’re lovely over Stick ‘Em and are meant to be quick one color washes.

Then we have some ultra glimmers that use some special, as far as I know exclusive to SN pigments.   Bright, loud, fun sparkly colors that are great for expressing yourself.

And the lippies…yes, I’m definitely pregnant, and there’s seemingly no limit to the amount of chocolate I’d like to eat.  Whomever said “necessity is the mother of invention” got it all wrong.  Motherhood is the necessity of invention.

So I whipped up a new lippie formula that I love quite a bit.  We had it as a GWP under the code name “Formula 86” that’s rich, creamy, vegan and loaded with cocoa butter.  I switched the official name to Kissable Creams and hope that you love them.

There’s a little something for everyone and I hope that you love them all.  Spring, as with pretty much every other collection- is regrettably smaller than you’d like, but I’m hoping this gives you enough goodies to play with for a while.

We also have a special GWP this week.  Instead of just one color we’re doing 3!!!!  They’re 3 gram jars of multi-purpose colors that are great for stashing in your bag.  It's free with any order over $25.  We'll be shipping these through next Friday April 6.  

As always- thank you- for everything.  I’m blessed, blessed, blessed, and really appreciate each and every one of you.