Thursday, October 6, 2011

The late Fall release is on the site.  We always do a small collection in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and this time it’s a little more personal.  I lost a friend to it last year, and have another who’s fighting it with everything she has.  It’s not fair. 

I’ve tried being positive, and playing nice.  We always released colors with a hopeful tone.  But this year I’m mad.  This is just fundamentally wrong.  We can send little machines to Mars to take pictures, but a few harmful cells are killing off women left and right. 

Anger isn’t always a bad thing.  I think it drives us to make things better, to find fixes and solutions.  I’m much more creative when I’m a little bit miffed.   

So I took inspiration from this:

I propose we fight like hell!!  The colors have a bit of a devilish theme- in honor of Halloween, and to remind us that this is a battle.  My friend was the happiest most positive person I’d ever known, and now I’m guessing she’s the sweetest angel.   Let’s fight.  Make ‘em take the lemons back.

I thought about exploding lemons, and somehow my brain came around to torch flames.  The kind of heat that’s focused, productive, and that you can use to make beautiful things.  The trio is Howl, Scream, and Paranormal – they’re certainly not everyday colors, but really- you need more eye shadow like a hole in the head so I made colors that you’ll probably geek out on.  They’re interesting, complex and fun.  There’s also Demon to go along with the fighting Halloween theme.  It’s sassy and fun.

There were a lot of GWP re-release requests this year.  We also had a lot of ingredients become discontinued, so I did the best that I could.  Quite a few of the colors in this release needed to be reformulated from the original because I just couldn’t get any more of the colors that they used.  I did my best.  Sari is one that I know needed a  lot of changes- but I tested it side by side on my eye for a full day and it’s very close. 

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m a little touchy I throw-down with my English major vocabulary.  So we created the Smart Mouth Duo- with Propinquity and a special matching color Defenestrate (to throw something out the window). 

During the month of October we’re donating $.25 from the sale of each jar of all of the Colors for the Cure shadows to the Susan Komen Foundation.  None of these colors is limited edition, but if you purchase this month you’re helping a great cause.

In doing this release I got to thinking about old favorites, and we’ve brought back two very popular balms- Shirley Temple and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut as well as Autumn Harvest Olive Oil Lotion.  AND FINALLY we have 4 ounce bottles of the Organic Olive Oil Lotion.

We also have a very special lippie as well.  We’ve named it Hot Flash, and it’s a liquid packaged in a very handy squeeze tube.  It’s a little bit sheer, and it has the wonderful glimmer from the 24-karat gold.  It’s a little bit sheer, and should be flattering to most women.  It's really more glimmering than anything.

This year the price is $11.99 for a 10 gram tube, and we’ll be donating $2 of the purchase price to the Komen Foundation.

We’re also participating in Team Pink Eye and have donated four $25 gift certificates to be used as give away items.  There will be one give-away on a participating blog each week and to enter you must donate $5 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  The individual blogs will have the full entry details- and this week’s giveaway blog host is VampyVarnish!!!!!!

The giveaway should go up on her site sometime tomorrow, and remember to read the details.
Thank you again for being wonderful!  It’s an honor to be part of this project and I hope you’ll join us in FIGHTING LIKE HELL!!!!