Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wow!  Where did January go?  Usually it just drags on and on but this time it flew by in a flash. 
We have the Valentine’s collection together.  It’s smaller this year…it’s sort of become my New Year’s resolution.   Smaller, more focused collections with thoughtful pairings.

The theme for this collection is metallics- we have a few on the site, but I wanted to make some truly special really metallic almost foil like shadows.  I brought in some special pigments from a special manufacturer, and am really pleased with the results.  The finishes are all a bit different on each of them- some of them really shine, others have more of a “brushed” metal look.  And I added a bit of extra silica to them all so it helps hide all of those little lines.

This time of year we need COLOR- so there are some bolder lippies, a few sparkles, new stains, and new cream blushes!

To top it off we have a new scented body oil- Baby Kisses.  It’s a clean, slightly sweet scent that I think you’ll really enjoy.

We also have some “subtractions” from the line.  We had quite a few pigment discontinuations lately, and there are some lippies that we’re not really able to make anymore- and some are more “trendy” seasonal colors that need to go for a while.   It will free-up some space on the shelves to make some fun, new colors that you’ll hopefully love even more.

They’re all discounted $1 per tube and will be available until we run out of them, or the end of the month- whichever is soonest.  I’ll be putting them in the “last call” section of the site. 

Speaking of Baby Kisses…  I’m pregnant!!!  Our first child is due in May- and we’re thrilled!

So far everything has gone well, but it’s definitely an adjustment.  Living without (much) caffeine, and little things like needing to eat ALL THE TIME, sleep more than usual, and swollen feet are slowing me down.  I *know* it gets worse- please don’t remind me!!!

Don’t worry about SN.  We’re not going anywhere.  We have an amazing staff, and this is something that I’ve been planning for quite a while. Yes, there probably will be a few changes, but I have no plans to change anything major at the moment.  I love what I do, and feel really blessed to be able to do it. 

Thank you all again for everything!