Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall !!!!!

Fall has a way of sneaking up on me...mainly because I live in denial that Summer will end, and once again I'll have to bundle up and brace myself against the weather.

This year Fall has me in a sentimental mood.  There are some old favorites in this collection (yes, the pie chart worked Sam), and a whole lot of IOU's. 

My main inspiration for the eye shadows was tweed.  Fall here is lovely.  It's my favorite season- hay rides, and pumpkins- the way the farmers bustle away in their fields bringing in the harvest, the brilliant colors of the leaves, being sustained by a nice cup of tea and a warm blanket.   We're really blessed to live in this part of the world during the Fall. 

But in other places it's just dark, damp, and chilly.  The Finnish word for October literally translates to "mud month"- it's not a great time to visit Finland. Summer is one big party, and they're good with snow- they ski, and skate, and generally find ways to have fun, but apparently October is a wash. 

Aaah, but the UK and Ireland- they've developed coping mechanisms for dealing with rain (although they don't really love it any more than anyone else). They wear nice woolen clothes to keep warm when it's wet, and that's where the inspiration came for this collection. 

Tweed fabrics are incredibly interesting to me.  It's a light colored thread, and a deeper colored thread woven together into signature patterns.  Yarn makers create special tweed yarn blends full of interesting little nubbly bits that make it a joy to knit with.

I'm calling the finish of these shadows Suede- for each of the colors I started with shimmery pigments, but they're blended together with a mattifying base, and then some interesting color effects added in.  They're all loosely based around the color Earth which is a crowd favorite.

If you've received the 2 latest GWP's- Brightside and Mwahahaha they're both made in a similar theme.

I hope that you enjoy them, and thank you all so much for your kind support.

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