Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh Baby & Revved Up!

Things are cooking along at the old SN factory!  We're busy planning Fall, and of course the Holiday Collection.  I don't have much to report because we're kind of in the early stages of everything, but our creative juices are really flowing.

Two weeks ago the GWP color was Oh Baby- in honor of my new niece.  She was born at home, safe and sound- and it was all very old-fashioned.  We didn't know if she was having a girl or a boy- and we were thrilled when little Addy came into the world.  Oh Baby is a mixture of pigments- I made it right as my SIL was in labor- so it's based on a sort of a fleshy pink mica with blue highlights.  I added some stormy grey pigment to tone it back a bit, and to show that even though there are storms and tribulations in life there's usually some joy that comes shining through.

Last weeks' GWP was Revved Up.  I'm originally from Watkins Glen, NY and just love the roar of a V8.  The entire tiny town is built around auto racing it was a big part of my life growing up.  Every year at the Trumansburg Fair there's a demolition derby.  It's pretty much my favorite night of the year...the noise, the dust, the smoke, the sparks and flames that come out of the old beaters.  Revved Up is all of the colors of a demolition derby put into a blender. 

I hope you enjoy them!  This week's color is Brightside- a little experimental color that I like so much that I'm going out to dinner so I can show it off! 

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