Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lots of News!!!

Wow where to begin?  It's been an eventful couple of weeks since the new collection launched.  The response has been great, and I really appreciate your support.  I'm a bit distracted today because my sister-in-law is in labor with her first baby!  So, please excuse me if this post is a bit choppy- I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for news. 

I'd like to share a little bit about the women who designed the collections because they're both incredibly interesting folks who really pulled out all of the stops in terms of creativity.

Kookeith designed the Harry Potter collection.  She's from Singapore, and a very avid Harry Potter fan.  She's read all of the books multiple times, and her favorite is The Goblet of Fire.  "The books strike a chord in me, and have taken JKR's work and applied it to my real life. Love, loyalty, friendship, justice, faith, and death. How we face these things reflect the person that we are."

Kookith is an absolute sweetheart.  She's a marketing executive by day, and a hardcore gamer in her off time- especially World of Warcraft.  Oh, and like a lot of our customers she's a passionate environmentalist- anything to reduce her ecological footprint.   Washable cleaning cloths, no chemicals, baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.

Meheen designed the Hawaii collection.  She's an 18-year-old art student from California.  I love it when she posts pictures of her paintings on our forum- it's always great to see creative women strut their stuff.
Her blog is:

Growing up, Meheen spent Summers with her grandparents in Hawaii, and the collection she devised was inspired by her travels.  I think Guava blush is my new HG color, and I've seen quite a few FOTD's of women wearing Mango and looking absolutely incredible.  I went full on orange- no backing off, no trying to create a 'wearable' color- and somehow it works beautifully.

Meheen is of Pakistani heritage, and this cause is very close to home for her.   When I emailed her and asked if it was ok to do this as a fundraiser she responded with this:
"For the charity, I am of Pakistani heritage and I feel very deeply for the plight of the beautiful people there and in Afghanistan.  I've met and had tea with Massouda Jalal, and have seen the large slums outside of Karachi that make up the biggest community of Afghani refugees, so this sits very deeply and close to home for me."

She went on to mention the need for help in Pakistan.  They are receiving large numbers of refugees, and the flooding during this monsoon season has been quite bad.  The entire SwatValley is nearly inaccessable, and the government isn't providing much support.  Groups like the Taliban step in with aid, and this is how the problem starts...

So if you're interested in donating to help Pakistan there are several organizations who are helping in that part of the world.  Help Pakistan's Flood Victims

Creativity always gives me hope- that things can change, that things can get better, and that wonderful things can be just around the corner.  It's an immense privilege to work with these women and be inspired by their ideas.  I think the colors we produced are some of the best colors we've ever produced. 

Last week's Gift with Purchase color was Cleo.   Cleo is a purplish golden color.  Sometimes I approach GWP's with a clear ideas- other times I'm winging it- treating it as an experiment, and hoping to learn something.  I started with a bit of purple, and then added  a pinch of this, a dab of that, and then unified the whole creation with golden glimmer.

I'm hoping you liked Cleo!  This week's color is Alakazam- and it's been popular.  Stay tuned...

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