Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Most Classy Collection for HolidayTime
Silk Naturals is ready with our Brilliant new line.
There is so little time, but you must look your best, Even though there are parties and so little rest.
Just zip on some Liner and dap on some Gloss, and show that big turkey and pie who is the boss.
Set table,wrap presents, light candles and more.
Yet you’re bright and beautiful, SN knows the score.
Affordable Skin Care for every skins’ needs,
Plus cute little Gifties-one stop shopping’s a breeze.
So enjoy some mulled wine while you shop without care.
Happy Holiday in the post, your Silk Naturals is here.

Yippee!!!!  The Holiday 2013 collection is finally here!  The inspiration was old-school glam with a glittery twist.  And what sums that up better than Las Vegas!  The lights, the show girls, the glitter.
 The headliner is CREAM FOUNDATION!!!  That’s right!  Cream Foundation!  It’s a fantastic formula with ceramic microspheres to help smooth lines.  It’s light, but has good, buildable coverage. 
To go with it there’s an all new finishing powder meant to mimic the old school talc-based loose powders.  It’s great if you have drier skin.
We have bath and body products- including the much anticipated Little Pumpkins Baby Wash, shower gels for men and women.  There’s also an update to our body butters.  They’re now available as 4 ounce jars.
Of course, there are lippies galore!  Fantastic new shades of lipstick, some glitter bomb glosses, and all new ALG’s.  Check out Double Down- it uses a great color shifting pigment so the sparkle goes from gold to green and back again.  It’s wonderful layered.
We also have all new Chromatic Cream shadows- a few shades that are a little more matte, and a stunning glittery shade called Showgirl.
And it wouldn’t be a Holiday collection without a few kits and palettes.  This year’s palette has an HD cream highlighter, an HD bronzer, and a blush.  It’s super handy!  And there’s eye shadow kits meant to flatter specific eye colors so shopping’s a breeze.
It’s also our 7th Anniversary (can you believe it!).  Use the code snowflake7 for 7% off your order from now until November 30.
Thank you all for your patience and support.  It really really means a lot to us.
And a serious shout out goes to the SN Crew- Susan, Heidi, Jen, and my husband Kris.  They pulled out ALL the stops to make this happen- really and truly they're the best team in the business.  And Susan wrote the poem too!

Enjoy the new collection!!!

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