Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall is Live!!!!

Fall is live on the site!  We have a brand new lippie formula- Hyper Glosses.  They're thick, creamy, moisturizing, very glossy, and wear for a long time.  We've also made a change to the lippie lables, and the new stock seems to be much more durable, and they stay on better too!  All of the new lippies have them, and we'll be phasing them in as we make new batches of the other lippies.

BHA is also back!  We've reformulated it a little bit.  The old BHA used a willow bark extract, and it was great BUT you couldn't actually do anything with it as a formulator.  You couldn't add a preservative (it didn't need it, but still), you couldn't change the pH- nothing.  The manufacturer's spec stated a very broad pH for different batches.  They always stayed in the lower end of the spec, but you want the low pH if you're using it as an exfoliator, and there were no guarantees.

The new BHA is still alcohol-free, and extremely gentle.  They've dissolved the salicylic acid in a naturally derived surfactant base, and it works beautifully.  It is ok as a leave-on product even with the surfactant in it (it's used at a low usage rate).

 I started playing with the new stuff last year, and have been incredibly impressed with it.  I think it's a great replacement for the willow bark extract, and as the formulator I feel a lot more comfortable sending out a product where I can control all of the variables, and add a preservative.  I don't like changing formulas on you like that- this one seemed very necessary.

You may want to sample it before you go for the big bottle, but I think you'll like it.

We also have metallic Velvet Mattes!  Check out Mischievous- it's stunning!

And all new eye colors.  I did check out the Modern Romance palette, but opted not to clone it.  Instead I made colors that were pretty similar to the ones in Modern Romance, but I made them just slightly different so they can match the existing colors on the site.

Check out Holo Back!  I saw a post about the Milk Holographic highlighter, and it looked so beautiful.  I dropped everything, ran back into the lab, and whipped this up.  It's stunning, and such a fun product to have in your collection.

We also made a new blush- Dainty.  I hope you love it!  It matches Stripped really well.

Thank you for all of the great suggestions, support, and for just being wonderful folks.  We know that we wouldn't be here without you, and are just thrilled that you're on this journey with us.
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!!!

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