Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Holiday Collection!!!

I cannot believe that SN is now 11 years old!!!  I am profoundly grateful to each, and every one of you for your support.  It is truly been a remarkable journey to get here, and we're going to celebrate!!!

Jamie, Susan, and Jen have been with me since the early years, and this collection is made up of some of their favorites.  It's kind of a walk down memory lane.

One of the very first things that we sold was essentially a full face kit, and we're bringing back a version of it this year.  It's a fantastic deal- you get 4 shadows, a sample of blush, Perfecting Powder, and 2 brushes for under $20!!!

We have a few bath, and body items- Susan can't live without the Body Butter. Jamie loves the foot scrub.  We also brought back Dr. Pepper lip balm because it's a tradition in Jamie's house...

We were brain storming ideas for the collection, and realized that Smooth and Full is far, and away the best selling lippie we make.  It started after a trip to NYC where I bought a $50 tube of lipstick that promised to do everything but wash my dishes, but turned out to be meh.  I set out to make the most luxurious lippie formula that I could, and I think I succeeded.  

The Smooth and Full base is still one of the most indulgent, most pricey formulas that I've ever seen.  We spared no expense, and used the absolute finest, most decadent ingredients. This year we decided to try to see if it could be tinted, and it can!

They're all fairly sheer because more pigment means less oil, and butter- and this recipe is all about the butter!

We've also added 6 new Velvet Matte Lipsticks- I think Shameless is going to be the runaway hit.  If you're into Garter, or Tulle then Shameless is a fantastic addition to your collection.

These are all dye-free!  Sip is stunning- dark, rich, and incredibly saturated.

We've had a lot of requests to clone the Modern Renaissance and Naked Heat palettes- which is always flattering.  The issue we have is that our shelves get full.  So so so many palette have like 3 totally unique cool colors that you can't get anywhere, and then a bunch of beige.
So, I did make our renditions of a few of the colors that jumped out at me from each palette, and filled in with some colors that are a little more versatile, or more fun

Check out the colors Bespoke and Steady.  My son is now 5, and most mornings consist of a fair bit of crazy, and a lot of "where did you put your shoes/coat/backpack?", so I made those colors for busy mornings.  You can get out the door on time looking a lot more put together than you feel.

If you're looking for Modern Renaissance check out these colors- I've compared them side by side, and I think if you've been waiting for MR that you'll be very happy with these colors.  A few aren't exact- we don't have anything like Realgar, and in 11 years NO ONE has asked me for a dark orange matte.  Check out Cognac- it's 1000 times more versatile.

We have a Spa Night kit that is the perfect indulgence.  We did a test run of it last night, and the Stark boys approved.  My 5-year old thought it was cool that I was scrubbing his feet with volcanic rock, and he actually sat still for like 3 whole minutes while the face mask was on.  It may be his personal best.  Totally worth the $12 IMHO.

We are celebrating here at SN!  Use the code:  happy11 to save 11% off your order until December 1
We hope that you get a chance to indulge a little, be cozy, and spend some time with the people who are important to you.