Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As Promised!!!

Facelift is now back on the site.  I mentioned earlier that some batches were forming crystals, and it needed to be reformulated.  The new formula has the exact same actives used in the same percentages- so if you were a fan of the results you got before, you'll still get them with the new Facelift.

What did change is the thickener, and the hydration system. Most of our serums are made with Tamarind Seed Extract, Sodium PCA, and a little bit of Panthenol to hydrate your skin.  Sodium PCA really just isn't compatible with a lot of things- including the carbomer we use in our moisturizers.  In doing the research I ran across something called propanediol.

Propanediol is made from corn. It's 100% natural, comes packaged with no preservatives, and is Ecocert approved.  In the side-by-side tests I did, I liked it as much as the Tamarind Seed Extract, and Hyalauronic Acid.  It's a great water binder, helps dissolve actives, and has a lovely skin feel.

The other change that I made was in the thickener- mainly because I think it has a nicer skin feel than the hydroxyethyl cellulose that we were using.  It's not quite as "filmy" on your skin.  The new thickener is anionic- that's the only drawback. Most skin products are cationic, and don't mix with anionic things.  If you let it dry, and then pat the moisturizer on top you should be fine.  The only really bad thing that can happen is that it pills a little.

I really like the dehydroxanthan gum- it's really nice to work with, and it feels great.  I'm really thinking about switching everything over to using that as the thickener, and having everything compatible.

I feel like that decision is more up to you than it is to me- I know how frustrating reformulations are.  Just when you fall in love with something the manufacturer "improves" it, and it isn't quite the same anymore.  Hopefully these are changes for the better, or things that you really wouldn't notice or care about.

Let me know what you think!

To that end I also put a new moisturizer on the site that uses the same thickener.  It works very well with the new serum formula.  It's really quite lovely.  Camellia oil is one of my all-time absolute favorite oils. It's light, soaks in quickly and leaves your skin soft.  It's a high-oleic acid oil (like olive, or argan) which is great for conditioning, but it feels a lot lighter than the typical high-oleic acid oils.  Passionfruit oil is one of my other favorites.  It has a lot of naturally occurring vitamins, and is high in linoleic acid which is great for acne-prone skin.

Then we have Awesome Sauce.  It's a little serum I knocked together a little while ago just for fun- and I code named it Awesome Sauce because I really like it.  I gave tester bottles to Susan and Heidi, and didn't think much more about it.

I came into the office last week, and both Susan and Heidi stopped me cold- they loved Awesome Sauce, and demanded it be put on the web site.  Our skin looks amazing- clear, bright, smooth, and it's great for the morning after you've overindulged.

I think you're going to really like Awesome Sauce- we kept the code name, because we couldn't think of anything better, and we kind of like that it doesn't say that it's anti-aging (which it is).  We don't want people thinking we're old enough to need a wrinkle cream- that's sort of the point ;)

Then we have a few lippies.  I was feeling a little run down when I made my last blog post, and it just felt awful, ungrateful, and whiny to say no to a Summer collection. Winter just drags,and drags, and I couldn't let the precious warm days slip by without at least a little nod to sunshine and flip flops.

So we have 3 new Amplifying Lip Glazes.  These are mostly matte, and very sheer.  Summer is GO time- every woman I know has about a million things to do, and taking time out for elaborate makeup just doesn't happen.  Pretty Please, Nice Tan, and Blushberry are meant to be kept in your purse, and whipped out to add a little polish to just about any look.

Yes, we probably need some more matte Lip Glazes- it's a great formula, and the color selections need to be rounded out.  This is what we have for the moment, and hopefully I'll come back from vacation inspired and ready to make a few more.

We will be closed on July 4th.  We'll be in the office shipping on July 5th.  We'll also be completely closed for vacation from July 18th to July 25th.

The web site was doing some odd things, so I can't update the new product page with a nice link.  All of the new items are listed on the side in a separate listing called June 2011.

Here's a direct link:

Have a great great great long weekend, and please be safe...those fireworks fuses burn faster than you think ;)

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  1. Karen, thanks for all the new goodies =:0) And have a great vacation..all of you.