Friday, June 10, 2011

Everyone's Favorite Contest....

Hello!  Forgive me if this reads a little funny- I banged up my finger and am on painkillers as I write this :)

Things were finally rocking along again....I took a little break from blogging while I did my semi-annual reorganization and restock.  It takes a while to go through and make sure we have enough supplies, and this year has been weirder than most.

This week I learned that half of the world's jojoba supply is grown in Argentina- which has been unusually cold this year.  So, jojoba is in short supply, and about double in price.  I've found alternate sources, but there is NO organic jojoba to be found anywhere at any price.  From now until it's available again, we'll be using conventional jojoba that is pesticide free, but not organic.  The price of the lippies will remain the same because the price of castor oil has finally stabilized- so it's evening out a little.

I banged my finger up pretty badly on Wednesday (car door...ouch)- nothing too serious, but it's a nasty boo boo. No stitches, or anything broken- so that's good. Typing is evil though.  The bright side is I'm now up to date on my tetanus shot, and I don't have to do the dishes any time soon.  So- I guess I'll take it as a semi-win.

During my convalesence I did everyone's favorite contest:
Name That Tune!

Ok- actually I know this is a fairly brutal contest.  I sort of delight in picking odd clips from songs you probably haven't heard in years. It's the toughest 2 minutes in makeup- and if you win- you get the satisfaction of knowing you beat a pretty tough challenge.  Oh, and a $5 gift certificate to Silk Naturals :)

The following is 10 different songs- and each one of them corresponds to a different Silk Naturals Product.  To enter just send your 10 answers (just the product name) to sncontests at

Entries must be received by Friday June 17th at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard time.  I'll post the winners shortly afterwards.

I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a margin of error- it's fairly rare for someone to get all of them. So, if you know more than say 6-7 take a shot and enter.  Really try to get them all right though...there may be a special bonus if you get them all.

There are two TV theme songs in this collection- we're looking for the name of the show, not the name of the piece of music.  They're pretty recognizable this time (unlike the Charmed debacle of '09 with that Smith's song).

Good Luck!!!!!!!

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