Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is it really almost July?!?!

Where does June go???  Seriously- it's longer than February, but it feels like it lasts about 10 minutes.  One moment we're digging out our sandals, and the next it's time for the 4th of July.  Well- I guess time flies...

This year we'll be taking our annual vacation to visit my mother-in-law in France.  Between everyone's schedules, and the availability of affordable flights we're leaving sooner than I had planned.  We'll be gone from July 9th through the 25th- it's a long one this year because MIL needs some help around the house, so we'll be taking care of the garden, shuttling her to some important appointments, working on some plumbing and all of that other fun homeowner stuff.

In May Jen and I went to an ingredient trade show and I came back with all sorts of nifty ideas, and some really fun new ingredients.  Between hiring, and training Val's replacement, doing our semi-annual restock of supplies, and trying out new ingredients the time just went by sooo fast.

Last year we did a little Summer collection, but this year it doesn't seem like it's going to be in the cards for the moment.  I wanted to, we had some cool ideas, but it just feels really irresponsible and unfair to everyone to drop a Summer collection, and then leave the country for 2 weeks.

Silk Naturals has always been open- save for the week that we moved into our current studio, and a couple of snow days Silk Naturals has been online, and shipping every single day for almost four years.  There's never been a backlog, or a delay- 99.9% of our orders have always shipped within 2 business days, and we do whatever it takes to make that happen.

This year everyone we're trying a little something different- instead of staggering our vacations, and making-do with one less person for over a month by the time we all take our week off, we're actually closing for a week so we can all take vacation at the same time.

Silk Naturals will be closed from July 16th through July 24th- we'll ship all of the orders that come in before 9:00 am Friday morning, and then close the ordering system for that week that we're all out of the office.

I think it will actually be better for everyone that way- both the SN staff, and you because we'll be more focused, and ready to bound into August with some great inspiration and ideas.  You can't force collections- you have to charge into the lab inspired, focused and ready to work to make the good ones.  I'm hoping that a couple of weeks in Provence will do that (it always does).

This week we're bringing back Facelift serum, and maybe a few other things (that's a BIG maybe).  The reformulation of Facelift was pretty major- the actives, and their percentages are the same, but I had to switch out the thickener, and a few of the hydrating ingredients.  It looks, and feels different, but produces the same results.  I actually like it better than the old Facelift, and have seriously thought about reformulating all of the serums, and some of the moisturizers to use the new thickener, and hydration system.  It feels a little bit lighter weight, and not quite so "filmy" on your skin.

If you were a fan of the old Facelift you might want to resample this because it is quite a bit different formula wise.  I think you'll like it, but it is a change.  It will be available on the site starting on Tuesday.

Have an awesome Summer, and a safe 4th of July!!!!  Thank you all for being who you are- you really make our days, and we can't do what we do without you!

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  1. Wonderful, Karen! You and all the lovely people working at SN need to take this well-deserved break. After all, you've all worked so hard to feed our SN addiction... err I mean hobby :P

    I look forward to whatever awesome goodies you will come up with next. Take care, and have a safe trip!