Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wow!!!!  I guess it wasn't quite as brutal as the last few times...which is cool for everyone really.

Let's end the suspense and go right to the answers:
Groove is in the Heart- Dee Light- Groove Eye shadow
Lola by the Kinks- Lola lip gloss
Theme song to The Young and The Restless- Restless eye shadow
Roam- B-52's  Roam eyeshadow
Once Bitten Twice Shy- Great White- Bitten lip gloss
Safety Dance- Safety Eye shadow
Theme song to Magnum PI- Magnum Eye Shadow

Then the harder ones:
Bolero- Ravel- Bolero Blush
Shine On You Crazy Diamond- Pink Floyd- Diamond eye shadow, or Shine lip gloss.  I probably wouldn't have gotten it from this clip either- it was EVIL
Little Darlin'- Darling lippie

We had a lot of people get most of them right, and the margin of error is 2 songs.  I'm never quite sure where the margin of error will be when I make the contests- in order to have winners we do usually have to include one, but in this contest we had a lot of people getting 9-10 right and it didn't feel fair to set it too low.

The winners are:
Andrea D
Jenna B
Danielle S
Jennifer L
Jen E
Cat B
Kathy M
August F
Jennifer J-D
Christy A
Karmen C
Sarah W
Cathleen Q
Caitlin M
Nacori G
Paula H
Sharon P
Kristi C
Tracy K
Caroline P
Ann D
Heather C
Amy F
Blanca V
Maria H

I hope you all had fun tapping your toes to some fun guilty pleasure songs.

Congrats to the winners- and have an awesome weekend!!!!!!

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